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Board of Directors

John P O'Reardon,MD
Director (2020-2023)
Cherry Hill, New Jersey
United States

Dr. O’Reardon has been in practice as a psychiatrist for 30 years. He completed his residency training at Penn and Fellowships in Psychopharmacology & Cognitive Therapy (including training at the Beck Institute). In his clinical work as a faculty member at Penn he focused on treatment-resistant mood disorders and neuromodulation. This is the development of brain devices to stimulate the brain and treat mood disorders. These devices, which are increasing all the time, include transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), deep brain stimulation (DBS), vagus nerve stimulation (VNS), EEG-synchronized TMS (sTMS), deep TMS (dTMS) and transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS).
Dr. O’Reardon was an active educator at Penn and over the years helped train more than a hundred psychiatry residents. He taught courses on neuromodulation, mood disorders and the History of Psychiatry. He has been a recipient of numerous teaching awards including the Earl Bond Award for excellence in teaching. He has been a frequent presenter at the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association (APA). Most recently he has presented a symposium on historical figures and mood disorders called Art, Politics and Creativity: Resilience in the Face of Great Odds – including Abraham Lincoln, Vincent Van Gogh, Winston Churchill and Sylvia Plath.
Dr. O’Reardon has been an active and productive researcher during his career. He has authored over a hundred publications in his career encompassing new brain devices (TMS, sTMS, VNS, DBS and tDCS), major depression, bipolar disorder, ECT and the night eating syndrome. He has been a lead investigator in many cutting edge clinical trials of new treatments for patients. He is first author on the primary trial that led to FDA approval for TMS as new exciting treatment for major depression. His current research work is with another exciting emerging treatment modality for major depression, namely tDCS.