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Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee is the information hub for society members as well as the general public. The committee will develop and maintain the website that will have two components: a section open to the public to educate about TMS and a section for members only which will act as a resource for shared information. A quarterly newsletter will be published and will serve as a highlight of the work that has been done by the committees. The newsletter will cover topics across the spectrum for members, other clinicians and the public in general.

Mohamed Abdelghani


Randy Ian Pardell

Randy Ian Pardell, MD, DLFAPA established TMS Center of the Hudson Valley and Riverview Psychiatric Medicine, PC with the goal of providing innovative, compassionate and scientifically based psychiatric care for residents of the Hudson Valley, NY. Dr. Pardell emphasizes, “We address both the physiological and psychological aspects of each patient to create the optimal individualized treatment plan including medication management, genetic testing, psychotherapy, nutritional and bioidentical... Read More