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Research Committee

The Research Committee has an exciting new opportunity to create a society-wide database that pools all of our experiences together where members can easily share and access TMS outcomes. This committee will educate members on off-label uses of TMS through the Society website and reviews in the quarterly newsletter. The Research Committee will also rank the data and make recommendations for off-label uses of TMS.
  • Frank (Andy) Kozel, MD - Co-Chair
  • Andrew Leuchter, MD - Co-Chair
  • Paul Croarkin, DO
  • David Dunner, MD
  • Phil Janicak, MD
  • Corey Keller, MD, PhD
  • Shelly Menolascino, MD
  • Roger Pottanat, MD
  • John Tumeh
  • Saydra Wilson, MD
  • Fahad Aldosary, MD 
  • Jim Halper, MD
  • Greg Clary, MD
  • Azfar Malik, MD
  • Owen Muir, MD
  • Nicholas Trapp, MD 
  • George Bush, MD