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Mindy DiCrosta, Founder & CEO

Mindy's experience with TMS and other cutting-edge modalities of treatment come from both a personal and professional standpoint. When her daughter suffered from debilitating anxiety, OCD and later depression, she began a quest for medication-free treatments. Due to the fear of medication,  her daughter became the youngest patient covered for TMS in Connecticut after winning an appeal.

Mindy has owned and operated a marketing company for 20 years, helping to take products and services to market and building scalable business solutions with innovative database collection programs. After starting out as a reseller in telecommunications and opening a direct response call center Mindy moved into the modeling and entertainment space and gained expertise in branding and marketing in theat sector securing a 5-year partnership with ELLE Magazine and Hachette Media. Mindy's contacts and expertise lend themselves well to celebrity and charity integration which she hopes will be utilized in mental health via MHSS with the right providers.  Mindy has worked with TMS practices in expansion and TMS technology companies in testing marketing campaigns.