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Eric Tirrell, TMS/Neuromodulation Research Operations

Eric Tirrell completed his undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Rhode Island.  He is the TMS clinical supervisor for Butler Hospital’s TMS Clinic and he has been providing TMS services for depression for over 5 years.  He is well-versed in operating several TMS devices including Neurostar, Magstim, Nexstim, MagnMore, and investigational/wearable non-invasive devices. He also serves as the Neuromodulation Research Coordinator for Butler Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) on Neuromodulation.  He works directly with Neuromodulation and Neuroimaging Core Director, Dr. Linda Carpenter, and key leaders of the COBRE Center to facilitate and support clinical neuromodulation research projects designed to understand mechanisms and develop new treatments for neuropsychiatric disorders. He provides administrative oversight, specialty training, and technical assistance for implementation, data acquisition/processing procedures, and other steps in project management related to research involving neuroimaging and neurostimulation, which leverages his extensive clinical background and research experience utilizing non-invasive brain stimulation procedures.  He works with a number of Butler and Brown Psychiatry faculty investigators, COBRE-funded project leaders, pilot project awardees,and their staff to incorporate high-quality neuromodulation techniques into their research. He has played a central role in establishing the resources, infrastructure, and capacity of the D1A Facility for the New England scientific community.