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2021 Annual Meeting - Call for Abstracts

Thursday, June 10 – Saturday, June 12, 2021
Hilton West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Convention Center
West Palm Beach, Florida



During the peer review process, poster abstracts will be ranked by a panel of judges. Judges will consider 1) the originality, 2) quality of research methodology, and 3) clinical impact of submitted abstracts. The presenters of the top 4 poster’s will be invited to give a brief (10-15 minute) oral presentation at the CTMSS 2021 Annual Meeting in West Palm Beach, Florida, in addition to the poster presentation and be acknowledged as a "Top 2021 CTMSS Poster".

Criteria: Abstracts should contain original material relevant to the field of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. The abstracts will be rated by a committee of the Society and finalists will be chosen based upon scientific merit, quality of presentation, and compliance with these guidelines and instructions. Authors will be notified of the committee’s decision via email in March 2021.

Abstract Submission Guidelines:

  • The abstracts must be submitted electronically via the website, as both a Microsoft word document(.doc), and a PDF.
  • Membership or registration for the annual meeting is not required at the time of submitting the abstract for review. For each poster, however, their needs to be a unique presenter (i.e., one registered presenter per approved poster).
  • Abstracts should include the title, all authors’ names and affiliations.
  • Abstracts must be 250 words or less and use a structured format which includes sections for Background, Design/Methods, Results, and Conclusions. Conflicts of interest and funding source for the study need to be added to the end of the abstract and bottom right corner of the poster. (Does not count towards word count.) If there were none, then explicitly state "none." CLICK HERE to view example abstract.
  • Abstracts should include any pertinent disclosures regarding the research.
  • Abstracts should include relevant background, well-described methods including specifics of TMS parameters, study results including number of subjects and relevant statistics, and a clear statement about the novel, unpublished findings that will be presented.
  • Avoid making conclusions that are not supported by specific data presented (e.g., stating a case study proves that TMS is safe or effective for X). Instead provide what the data specifically supports, and what is required in the future to confirm or refute.
  • Abstracts that do not include data or indicate "results will be provided later" will not be accepted. If you are waiting on results, consider submitting a Late-Breaking Poster abstract in February. Late-Breaking Poster abstracts will not be eligible for the top 4 abstracts to be presented.
  • Each abstract/poster shall have at least one presenting author identified who must be present during the poster session to discuss the work with the attendees.
  • Co-authors must be entered at the time of submission. They cannot be added after the abstract is submitted.
  • If accepted, abstracts will be reproduced for the meeting exactly as entered. Review your abstract and check for typographical and spelling errors, as well as scientific sense.
  • After acceptance, changes in presenting author are not allowed except with express permission of the Program Committee Chair (Email CTMSS).
  • Your name, address, e-mail, and telephone are used for various communications throughout the meeting planning process. Please check that the information that you enter is accurate, thus ensuring that our communications will reach you in a timely manner.
  • All Abstracts for the Annual Meeting will be published online in Brain Stimulation.

If submitting more than one abstract, please submit them separately. Please note that due to space limitations, no more than two (2) abstracts will be accepted per clinic and no more than three (3) per research group.

Criteria for Acceptance: Factors considered for presentations include quality and topics that are of interest to our TMS audience. Multiple submissions are allowed; however, presenters and collaborative groups should combine multiple submissions when possible. Multiple submissions that pertain to highly related aspects of the same study are discouraged and may lead to rejection.

Criteria for Top 4 Abstracts Awards:

  1. Strength of design - primary data randomized trail > prospective open trial > retrospective data > review of literature > case reports/series > no data
  2. Size of sample
  3. Impact of findings to clinical field of TMS
  4. Novelty of findings
  5. Appropriateness of conclusions from data presented
  6. Abstracts with data that are already being presented in a scheduled session at the meeting are not eligible for this award

Important dates:

  • Closing dates for abstract submissions: Monday, February 22, 2021 (.doc and pdf format)
  • FINAL PDF submission for the selected abstracts: Monday, May 17, 2021 (pdf format)
  • Poster Display of abstracts: Friday, June 11 through Saturday, June 12, 2021 (posters to be brought in format to display; maximum size 3’ X 4’ poster)
  • Poster Session: Friday, June 11, 2020 6-8pm (requires an author’s presence for two (2) hours)
    • TOP 4 Posters: Oral Presentation, Date & Time to be determined.

Please provide ALL information requested.

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