Srisai Gowda, MD

We look forward to helping you or a loved one.

Dr. Srisai Gowda is a leading Board–Certified Psychiatrist practicing over 20 years caring for patients in Linwood area, NJ.

Dr. Gowda is committed to improving patients’ overall wellness, avoiding “Pill for every ill mantra” and addressing any underlying conditions causing their symptoms with customized treatment plans that incorporates appropriate lifestyle changes, referral to psychotherapy when indicated and cutting-edge psychopharmacology.

Residency in Psychiatry from Hahnemann University
Medical School from Bangalore University(Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences in Bengaluru, India.)
Member of the American Psychiatric Association and NJ Psychiatric Association.
TMS Visiting Fellowship from Duke University, Durham, NC.
Member of the Clinical TMS Society, the main organization representing TMS Practitioners.
Psychiatrist in chief at Shore Medical Center for over 18 years and on staff at Atlanticare Regional Medical Center.