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Membership Benefits

Membership provides a message that you are not an average TMS provider. Membership is a commitment to do more for your patients. It is a commitment that you will expend the resources, go the extra mile. The various activities of the society are designed to make you a more skilled TMS practitioner, remain current on the most relevant and reliable research, explore new vistas of TMS options in a host of neuropsychiatric conditions, become adept in getting insurance coverage, and acquire the requisite practice management skills for success.

The society remains active year round. We bring you the annual conference where you hear from the world’s best, learn from colleagues, and develop new partnerships. We bring you the quarterly newsletter with a menu of interesting and exciting articles as well as pragmatic pearls of wisdom. We are planning several activities online including “Grand Rounds” and a Society-hosted CME course on TMS. We will also be conducting society wide research and have a national TMS data bank available for members only. The society website includes a practice locator of individual members’ practices so that patients and clinicians are aware that as a member you aspire to a higher level of care.

*Some restrictions may apply to Associate Members*