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2018 NYC Neuromodulation Conference & NANS Summer Series Recap

By: Randy Pardell, MD, DFAPA

The Clinical TMS Society supported an exhibition booth at this summer’s NANS meeting August 23-26, 2018 at the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel. I had the opportunity to staff the booth with the assistance of Alexandra Lindardakis RN, BCN, and Daniel Spina. There was much interest in our society and we received many inquiries and pledges of membership.

There were preconference workshops held which featured Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Neuroscience and Clinical Practice: Hands-On Workshop that was directed by Angel Peterchev, PhD, Joan Camprodon, PhD and Tracy Barbour, MD. During the conference there was also a very strong TMS track including lectures on advances in TMS Clinical Practice and Research. In addition, there were tracks which included Development of Brain Stimulation for Addiction, Neuromodulation to Enhance Neurorehabilitation, Neuromodulation of Extreme Age: Children and Elderly, Updates in Deep Brain Stimulation, ECT, Magnetic Seizure Therapy, Neuromodulation of Pain Management, Spinal Cord Stimulation, Vagal Nerve Stimulation, Advances in Neurotechnology, Noninvasive Neuromodulation at Home. There was a very interesting program on Women in Brain Technology, as well.

I attended the TMS track where Tracy Barbour, MD discussed evidence-based strategies to improve response and remission with TMS therapy. She has agreed to present at the CTMSS Grand Rounds lecture in the Fall of 2019 to update us on this very important topic. Fidel Vila- Rodrigues, MD lectured on Theta Burst stimulation and the studies that lead to the recent FDA approval. Antonio Mantovani, MD, PhD discussed the use of rTMS in OCD both using the figure 8 coils as well as discussing the new FDA approval of Brainsway H7 coil for OCD. Jeff Dasilakis, MD, PhD provided a lecture on Predictions of TMS Response and New Indications. Jeff has agreed to present at our CTMSS Grand Rounds in June 2019 and will update us on his latest research. Angel Peterchev, PhD discussed pulse parameters and how they influence TMS field strength and effectiveness. Joan Camprodon, MD, PhD focused on TMS and circuit-based effects and has agreed to also present his research at CTMSS Grand Rounds presentation in the Fall, 2019. Our society has a profound impact on the field of neurostimulation and all the NANS lecturers I had asked to present at our CTMSS Grand Rounds agreed enthusiastically.

Summer Meeting was a very engaging conference and was an excellent environment to interact with our neurology, neurosurgery, pain management and behavioral health colleagues. CTMSS future presence at will further our mutual mission to encourage the development of stimulation therapies to treat neuropsychiatric conditions. The next NANS Annual Meeting will be held January 17-20, in Las Vegas, NV.