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Letter from the Editor

By: Ted Wirecki, MD

Welcome to the Fall issue of the Magnet. This is certainly an exciting time in the TMS world. The growth and scientific rigor of our TMS Society is very impressive and the total number of patients around the world benefiting from our various forms of TMS continues to increase.

Since our Annual Meeting in Brooklyn the FDA has cleared the Mag Vita device for three minute theta burst treatment for depression and the Brainsway Deep TMS H7 helmet for obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). The OCD approval is particularly noteworthy as it expands the on-label use of TMS to one of the most refractory and severe diseases in psychiatry. TMS provides some hope to patients who have failed pharmacological and behavioral interventions to have relief and return to a functional life.

From the research committee, Drs. Pottanat and Bermudes discuss theta burst from the research perspective and describe and explain the concept of non-inferiority, especially as it relates to theta burst. Dr. Bermudes has also written a thorough article on factors to consider when choosing a TMS device. General guidance on this is lacking and the decision-making process is difficult and sometimes based more on marketing than data. I expect this article will serve as a bedrock reference for our members whether they are acquiring their first or an additional device

Dr. Kabar, who worked and taught in the United States for many years and is currently practicing in Peru, has worked with co-authors to contribute an interesting article on the use of bilateral TMS in South America. Please read and evaluate if and how to incorporate bilateral TMS in your practice. Many of us are already prescribing bilateral TMS for some patients.

In August, Dr. Pardell attended the 2018 NYC Neuromodulation and represented the CTMSS. His thorough summary will tempt you to attend this meeting in 2019.

Also included in this issue is our President’s column. The presidency of the CTMSS is a demanding and time-consuming position. Dr. Croarkin’s wisdom and kindness is appreciated by all of us. In his current column, he brings us up to date regarding issues relevant to the TMS world.

The 2019 annual meeting is less than 4 months away, in Vancouver, one of the loveliest cities in North America. We hope to see you there.