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President's Message: A New Decade of TMS

By: Todd Hutton, MD

2020 brings the dawn of a new decade and a time for reflection on how far we have come. In my own practice, we just celebrated our 10th year of doing TMS. Looking back there is no way that I could have imagined where the field would be now when I took delivery of that TMS machine 10 years ago. But that’s one thing I love about practicing in this field. TMS has to be the most dynamic area of psychiatry today with new advances, indications, and techniques all happening very quickly. Never in my career have I followed the research literature as much as I do now. Going to the annual meeting has become a must for many of our members as their way of keeping up with the fast-moving knowledge in the TMS world. In fact, our society is very unusual in that the vast majority of our membership attends the annual meeting each year. The level of engagement we have in the CTMSS is fantastic!

So, what will the next decade bring? My crystal ball is not helpful to me on this question, except I do feel quite certain that in another ten years the field will be much different. There will be new technology and better techniques at our disposal, a greater understanding of just what it is we are doing in the brain, and more patients being helped in more ways.

The CTMSS needs to lead the decade with our continued scientific education, community outreach, and patient advocacy. It looks to be an exciting time ahead!