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Getting to the Heart of Precision-TMS: Brainmarkers and Heart-Brain Coupling to Optimise TMS Clinical Outcomes | November 2022 Grand Rounds Webinar


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November 2022 Grand Rounds Webinar | Getting to the Heart of Precision-TMS: Brainmarkers and Heart-Brain Coupling to Optimise TMS Clinical Outcomes

Given relatively modest remission rates for all antidepressant treatments available, there is a need for approaches that help tailor existing treatments to the individual in order to improve remission rates. In addition, such techniques should be clinically actionable and well validated in blinded out-of-sample validations. Here we introduce the concept of Stratified Psychiatry, that is better suited for implementation in clinical practice, and demonstrate that Brainmarker-I, an EEG biomarker, can successfully help stratify patients between 1-Hz right and 10-Hz left rTMS, as well as for ECT and various other antidepressant treatments, as a clinically actionable stratification marker.
Furthermore, a novel update of NCG-TMS called Heart-Brain Coupling is introduced that provides real time evidence of frontal-vagal activation, simply measured using an iPhone app. This technique not only helps identify the right target for frontal-vagal activation, but also provides frontal excitability thresholds (which are known to differ substantially from motor-thresholds).

You’re invited to join the Clinical TMS Society for this installment of our Grand Round Webinar Series: Getting to the heart of precision-TMS: Brainmarkers and Heart-Brain Coupling to optimise TMS clinical outcomes, featuring Martijn Arns, PhD! 

Don't miss out on our Q&A portion of the webinar!

At the end of this presentation, participants will be able to: 

(1) How specific TMS stimulation can directly influence heart rate via heart-brain coupling;

2) How the motor threshold is different from frontal excitability thresholds; and

3) How specific EEG frequencies can be instrumental in stratifying patients between 1-Hz and 10-Hz rTMS.

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Martijn Arns, PhD

Dr. Arns graduated in the late 90’s as a biological psychologist and in 2011 received his PhD at Utrecht University on the topic of 'EEG-based personalized medicine for ADHD and depression'. He is founder and research director at the non-profit Brainclinics Foundation, associate professor at Maastricht University, Section Brain Stimulation and Cognition and scientific adviser to neurocare group.

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