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CTMSS Product Theater Webinar with MAGVENTURE - On-DEMAND


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CTMSS Product Theater Webinar - ON-DEMAND

Date: Wednesday, November 18, 2020
Format: On-Demand

The Advantages of Robotic TMS in The Context of The COVID-19 Pandemic

The TMS-Cobot is the only FDA cleared robotic TMS solution for MagVenture TMS Therapy. MagVenture is proud to be partners with Axilum Robotics in offering a solution to significantly eliminate patient operator contact during routine TMS procedures.

What are the general advantages of The TMS-Cobot?

  1. The TMS-Cobot, with its optical Tracking System, controls the real-time position, orientation and tilt of the TMS coil during the session. There is no need for the operator to adjust coil position during the session.
  2. Automatically compensates for potential head motion during the TMS session and reduces the movement constraint of the patient.
  3. Maintains contact between the coil and head with its integrated contact sensor.

Learning objectives

  • Introduction to Robotic TMS;
  • TMS-Cobot implementation and how it works to reduce patient and operator interaction;
  • Demonstration of the FDA cleared TMS-Cobot.

Disclaimer: The content does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Clinical TMS Society or its members and is solely determined by the sponsor.


Michel Berg, MD, CEO of Axilum Robotics

Dr. Berg is a medical doctor and a business school graduate, he built his experience within the pharmaceutical and medical device industry before co-founding Axilum Robotics in 2011 with a team of experts in medical robotics.

Rustin Berlow, MD

Dr. Berlow is a psychiatrist in a California private practice with years of TMS experience. He graduated from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons medical school in 1990. After 23 years of psychopharmacology Dr. Berlow added procedural diagnosis & brain stimulation. Initial visit includes HRV, GSR and EEG. Magnetic stim: rTMS, TBS, accelerated, deep TMS. Electric stim: tDCS, tACS, Trigeminal and tVNS (Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation). EEG-TMS - how to predict and personalize treatment).

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