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Martha St John M.D.

Martha St. John, MD, PA

14811 St Mary's Ln Ste 270
Houston, TX 77079

A native Houstonian, Dr. St John completed her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at Rice University and then her medical degree and residency training at the University of Texas at Houston Medical School and Health Science Center.
A passion for the field of psychiatry she developed in medical school has carried through her 12+ years in private practice. She treats a variety of general psychiatric conditions in her medication management practice, including ADHD, bipolar disorder, depression, generalized anxiety disorder, OCD, and panic disorder, though working with patients with treatment resistant mood disorders has become her passion.
She adopted TMS into her practice in 2013 and has performed over; 3,500 treatments to date.
In network with most major insurance plans and experienced getting TMS approved as an in network and out of network provider.