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Jessica Rigas ARNP

11085 Montgomery Rd. Suite 250
Cincinnati, OH 45249

If you or a loved one are suffering from a depression, an OCD, or an anxiety disorder you are not alone. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illnesses, and yet most sufferers do not have access to effective treatment. The good news is that if you or your loved one is troubled with unwanted thoughts or worries, physical symptoms due to anxiety, perfectionism, phobias, health fears, or any other anxiety there is help. There are medication management options that have been shown to be effective and can be paired with evidence-based psychotherapeutic techniques such CBT to maximize treatment effects.

Jessica Rigas, APRN-CNP is the medical director at the Cincinnati Anxiety Center and is a board certified nurse practitioner. Jessica offers specialized solutions to patients who are limited by symptoms of anxiety, OCD, and depression. Jessica takes a holistic approach medication management to maximize biological and psychological treatment efforts. She offers individualized combination treatments using TMS, ketamine, and esketamine, in addition to collaborating with specialized therapist who provide CBT, DBT, and ERP.

“I developed a passion for mental health after a personal journey with my own family. Having a child suffering from ADHD and anxiety and spending countless hours researching behavioral therapies, natural supplements, diet changes, and medication management. Now I understand that the best treatments involve coordinated care that target the whole person."