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Nadia Bening M.D.

Anew Era TMS and Psychiatry of Austin

1715 Capital of Texas HWY South, Suite 205
Austin, TX 78746

Anew Era TMS & Psychiatry is a Full Suite Mental Health clinic. Our dedicated team of mental health experts led by Dr. Terry V. Eagan and Associates provides TMS Therapy, Medication Management and Talk therapy in our locations throughout Southern California, Austin, and Dallas, Texas. As regional leaders in our field, our team of board-certified psychiatric professionals strives daily to offer compassionate, confidential, and effective care to our patients.

Dr. Nadia Bening is a Psychiatrist and Certified Brain Health Coach in addition to wife and mom of 3 boys. She has over a decade of experience in the traditional psychiatric clinical setting and was Medical Director at a substance abuse rehabilitation center for the past 3 years. She pays special attention to individual needs as shaped by each client’s personal history, his or her specific context, and stressful or traumatic life experiences or circumstances, all of which she approaches with patience, warmth, understanding and helpful explanations that facilitate treatment and the client’s sense of comfort and trust.

It is Dr. Bening’s hope that people experience a feeling of empowerment when in her care, and are equipped to take charge of their well-being, having confidence that they possess the ability and tools to create brain healthy habits for life.