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Provider Profile


Kevin M Kinback M.D.

Advanced TMS Center--Ladera Ranch

333 Corporate Drive Suite 260
Ladera Ranch, CA 96294

Dr. Kinback has been providing TMS as an in-network provider longer than any other doctor in Orange County and most of Southern California. He is a founding member of the TMS Society, currently on the Board of Directors, & former Insurance Committee Chairman. He has also served on Executive, Research, Outreach, Standards, Newsletter, Legal & business, Insurance, and Education committees. Graduating from Loma Linda University Medical School in 1992, Dr. Kinback did psychiatry training at Loma Linda, was Chief Resident, and remains on the faculty as Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry.  He also has faculty appoints to Dubuque University and Johns Hopkins. His private practice in Orange County began in 1995. With a keen interest in cutting-edge medicine, Advanced TMS was founded in 2009.  Specializing in TMS therapy for treatment-resistant depression, and OCD, Dr. Kinback has treated hundreds with TMS therapy.  A brand new, upscale office opened in late 2018 in Ladera Ranch as the new headquarters, and new providers are being added to the group at this time. A second TMS office opened in 2020 in Laguna Niguel.