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William F Stubbeman M.D.

Brain Stimulation Institute

11500 W. OLYMPIC BLVD Suite 441
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Dr Stubbeman is the founder and Medical Director of Stubbeman TMS in West Los Angeles, CA, and has been practicing TMS since January 2011. Dr Stubbeman is a Board Certified psychiatrist and certified TMS psychiatrist who has trained with the most prominent TMS physicians in the country including Dr. Sarah H. Lisanby at Duke and Dr. Alvaro Pascual-Leone at Harvard.

After graduating magna cum laude from Princeton with a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, he went on to receive his MD from Columbia University. He began his training at UCLA as an Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon specializing in auditory pathology but his growing interest in the brain turned his focus to Psychiatry.

Upon completion of his residency in 1998, Dr Stubbeman held a two-year research fellowship at UCLA where he authored a number of scientific publications on early prediction of response to antidepressants and ECT. He subsequently built a thriving psychiatry private practice in West Los Angeles specializing in treatment-refractory psychopharmacology.

After realizing the potential of TMS to help patients that were outside the reach of medications, in 2011 he expanded the scope of his practice to include TMS treatment. Dr Stubbeman’s innovative TMS protocol has yielded notably high remission rates for major depressive disorder, and his published work can be found in the July 2018 issue of Brain Stimulation Journal.