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Ryan J Wakim M.D.

4001Stonewood Dr.
Wexford, PA 15090

Ryan Wakim, MD, is a psychiatrist who works to expand access to mental health care, addiction, and innovative treatments across the tri-state area. Dr. Wakim sits as the acting President and CEO of an emerging behavioral health corporation, which includes TransforMationS. He regularly consults with numerous hospital systems, state boards, and criminal justice programs to develop standards of care rooted in evidence-based medicine, advancing mental health treatment within the region. As a board-certified psychiatrist, Dr. Wakim specializes in human interaction, complex problem solving, and both cognitive and behavioral theories. He has used Neurostar TMS therapy for patients in his practice beginning in October 2017. The life-changing results he has seen since that time, including in his own family member, has provided him with patient outcomes and experiences never imagined with medications and therapy alone. Dr. Wakim was recently quoted to say:

“This is why we work in medicine! It is genuinely refreshing and rejuvenating to see people truly get better. This technology allows us to pinpoint a location and come up with results that are vastly superior to anti-depressants, with minimal side-effects.”

“We coordinate with compassionate and attentive providers who see the value of TMS for their patients. We treat their patients, we follow them through that process, and we send them back to their provider for continued care.”

He completed his undergraduate degree from Wheeling Jesuit University and medical degree from West Virginia University, where he served as Chief Resident. He is also the CMO of iSelectMD, a nationally-known telemedicine company, Director of Mon Health’s inpatient psychiatric consult service, and Director of Highlands EAC. Dr. Wakim and his wife, Elizabeth Wakim, a dentist in Canonsburg, live in Morgantown, WV and enjoy live sporting events, concerts, exercising, and an occasional round of golf. They love spending time with their two puppies, Rayna and LuLu, along with their close friends and family. They also enjoy the adventure of traveling and look forward to experiencing more of the world together!

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