CTMSS Non-Disclosure Agreement

I agree that any confidential information disclosed to me by members or staff of CTMSS or by third parties, in connection with my affiliation with CTMSS, will be treated as such. I will not use or disclose such information except as may be authorized by CTMSS, and will make my best effort to prevent its unauthorized disclosure.

Confidential information may include all such information relating to CTMSS’s members, operations, policies, plans, goals, or objectives. Confidential information shall not include information previously known to me, CTMSS membership, the general public, or previously recognized as standard practice in the field. I acknowledge that unauthorized disclosure of confidential information could cause irreparable harm and significant injury to the Society and its members.

I agree that, upon request, I will return to CTMSS all materials supplied to me by them, including agendas, minutes and supporting documents. I understand that disclosure of confidential information may result in termination or removal from office.

I have read the Non-disclosure agreement and agree to abide by the terms and conditions.

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