Deep TMS with the H7 Coil over the Dorsomedial PFC

You're invited to join the Clinical TMS Society for this installment of our Grand Rounds Webinar Series: Deep TMS with the H7 Coil over the dorsomedial PFC, featuring Aron Tendler, MD! 

The presentation will explain the physical capabilities and limitations of the current commercially available coils and how they relate to areas of stimulation. This presentation will also explain the level of available evidence with the H7 for OCD, MDD, Alcohol Use Disorder and cocaine.

Take advantage of our Q&A portion at the conclusion of the webinar!

At the end of this presentation, participants will be able to identify and understand the following: 

  1. Physical capabilities of the commercially available coils using electrical field measurements and simulations
  2. Evidence for H7 and other coils for the treatment of OCD
  3. Evidence for H7 and other coils for the treatment of MDD 
  4. Evidence for H7 and other coils for the treatment of Addictions

Format: On-Demand

Cost: Members: $25 | Non-members $50 | Student Members FREE


Aron Tendler, MD

Dr. Aron Tendler is board certified in general psychiatry, sleep medicine, and obesity medicine. He sees patients thirty hours a week, in his private practice and spends thirty hours a week on research and education as the Chief Medical Officer for BrainsWay. 

Dr. Tendler's private practice is focused on helping patients who want to improve their functioning and are willing to change their treatment regimen when they are not doing well. 

Dr. Tendler's research over the last twelve years has advanced the field of psychiatry forward by gaining regulatory clearance and reimbursement with effective brain-based treatments for patients with depression and obsessive compulsive disorder. He believes a greater understanding of physics and neuroscience will improve patient care and reduce stigma for patients with all neuropsychiatric disorders.