Clinical TMS Society membership sends a message that you are not an average TMS provider. Membership is a commitment to do more for your patients. It is a commitment that you will expend the resources and go the extra mile.

The various activities of the society are designed to:

  • Make you a more skilled TMS practitioner;
  • Keep you current on the most relevant and reliable research;
  • Help you explore new vistas of TMS options in a host of neuropsychiatric conditions;
  • Assist you in getting insurance coverage;
  • Give you the requisite practice management skills for success.

We welcome members from every country, and we understand that training and professional designations, and the terms used to describe roles, vary from country to country.  If you are unclear as to which membership category you belong, please email CTMSS at    

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Membership Categories

Dues are divided into four (4) categories based on your country of residence income group category as defined by the world Bank. To see your country's income level classifications, please go here: World Bank Countries List. The Member Dues field will automatically be filled out for you. Please input your country of residence in the Country field below to see the member dues amount assigned to your location.

Physician / Medical Doctor Member

A Physician/medical doctor member is defined as a medical practitioner who has the highest terminal medical degree available in the member’s country. This would be the member’s country’s equivalent to an MD, DO, MBBS, or MBBCh.

Research Member

A Research member is defined as a person with a doctoral degree who is actively engaged in, or has a strong background of, research in the field of neuromodulation.

Non-Physician Practitioner

A Non-Physician Practitioner member is defined as a person providing care to patients such as Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners with advanced and/or doctoral degrees, Non-Medical Prescribers, Clinical Psychologists, or others with similar degrees and/or level of practice.

Trainee Member

A Trainee member is defined as a person currently enrolled in an educational or training program that awards degrees or certificates, or provides other postdoctoral training such as residency or postdoctoral fellowship programs or the equivalent.

Associate Member

An Associate member is defined as a person who supports the mission of the Clinical TMS Society but who does not qualify for the other categories of membership. Examples include Medical Assistants, Nurses, Technicians, and Therapists.

Business Member

A Business member is defined as a person who is a business executive, other industry expert or a person involved in the selling, manufacturing, testing or servicing of TMS devices.

Membership With Value


Benefits Physician/ Medical Doctor Research Non-Physician Practitioner Associate Student Business
access to articles Access to articles on cutting-edge research and the latest developments in the TMS field. 
Registration Discount Registration discounts to the CTMSS Annual Meeting, educational workshops, and monthly grand rounds webinars.
Grand Round Registration FREE to student members.
5 Inclusion in the CTMSS Member Directory that helps members connect with other members across the world.
6 Mentoring networks and career development sessions at the Annual Meeting.
7 Access to research affinity groups and research mentorship through the Research Committee.      
4 Inclusion in the CTMSS "Find a Provider" database that helps patients find you.      
8 Exclusive access to the members-only portal that allows you to post your practice questions.
9 Access to the Clinical Standards Statements, Insurance Appeals Letters, and Recommended Insurance Coverage Policies.
10 Subscription to the members-only TMS Today communications.
12 Access to leadership opportunities on the CTMSS Board of Directors      
11 Access to leadership opportunities on committees.
14 Discounts on advertising opportunities.      
5 Opportunities for networking and collaboration.
14 Job postings on the CTMSS website.      
13 Access to member-exclusive workshops and roundtables at the Annual Meeting.
16 Opportunities for submission to the CTMSS Annual Meeting and publication in the Journal of Neuromodulation.