An Interview with Mitchell Ramsey, Mentorship Program Task Force Lead

The Clinical TMS Society is excited to announce a new program for members: The CTMSS Mentorship Program. The aim of this program is to meaningfully connect CTMSS members interested in growing their TMS knowledge and skills with those more experienced to foster access to quality clinical practices, professional development, and supporting education.

The Mentorship Program Task Force was launched as a part of the Outreach Committee in the fall of 2023. Society member Mitchell Ramsey currently leads the task force. “We really want to be able to have a concrete program where people can connect and…share knowledge of day-to-day operations and anything pertaining to TMS,” Mitchell says. “We really hope that it will lead to further engagement for members…it’s an opportunity to get more involved in the Society and spread the wealth of knowledge.”

The mentorship program will have four different groups: one for residents, students, nurse practitioners, and others training in TMS, one for new practitioners starting their own TMS practice, one for TMS researchers, and one for TMS clinic coordinators and technicians. “The category for TMS coordinators and technicians…is near and dear to my heart,” says Mitchell, who currently serves as the program director for Tallahassee TMS, in Tallahassee, Florida. He started working there as a TMS technician in 2021. “I had the fortune to be taken under the wing of Dr. Faisal Munasifi, who oversees the TMS program [at the clinic],” he explains. “I was exposed to that type of mentorship, and that’s certainly something I want to be able to give back and help create that opportunity for someone else.”

It was his mentor Dr. Munasifi who introduced Mitchell to the Clinical TMS Society and the online webinars and trainings. Mitchell joined the Society in 2021 and later joined the Outreach Committee. “I saw they were taking applications for the committees and thought I would throw my hat in the ring,” Mitchell says with a smile. “I was fortunate to get started with the [outreach committee], and it snowballed in a good way and led to me being on the task force.”

The plan is to have the mentorship program up and running in a few months. “We’re still in the construction phase,” Mitchell says. “There will be an opportunity for mentees to have an individual relationship [with a mentor] or be part of a group…we want to let the relationships take their course, but we will have a…matching system in the form of a brief questionnaire,” he explains. Once a potential mentee completes the questionnaire, they will be able to choose their top three mentor choices listed on the CTMSS website. The mentor(s) will then receive basic information on the mentee and have the ability to choose whether or not to forge a mentor-mentee relationship.

Since the program is still in its infancy, the Clinical TMS Society continues to actively seek those who are willing to become mentors and participate in this unique program. Those interested can apply by visiting the following link and completing the brief survey: CTMSS Mentor Survey

“The goal of the program is to spread awareness, connect people…internationally, and to give providers different opportunities to learn how others [practice TMS],” Mitchell explains. “It’s been wonderful to work with different providers [around the world], especially being in a small-town clinic in Florida,” he says.

Mitchell wants to encourage other members to get more involved in the Society, and the mentorship program is just one way to do that. “Don’t be afraid to throw your name out for committee applications! I’ve been fortunate to be on the committee and…be involved in the inner workings of the Clinical TMS Society,” he says. “I was able to attend the PULSES course in Ann Arbor Michigan back in October…and being able to see everything firsthand…and meet different providers was a wonderful opportunity,” Mitchell explains. “I was able to meet providers from [around the country] and was able to brainstorm different ideas that I brought back to my office…I learned a lot not just about the procedure itself, but helpful advice and tips from other attendees.”

From committee meetings to attending PULSES, there are plenty of ways to get more involved in the Clinical TMS Society. For those who are interested in joining the new mentorship program, keep an eye out for email updates in the coming months.

Written by Jordan Galerkin