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Past Grand Rounds Webinars

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Neuroplasticity

Tuesday July 11, 2023 - Tuesday July 11, 2023

The presentation will review the neuroplastic mechanisms that underly the therapeutic effects of TMS and explain the role of neuroplasticity in TMS-treated psychiatric and neurological conditions. This talk will also examine novel explorations for… Learn More →

How to Understand the Exploding Evidence on New Circuit-Based TMS Targets

Tuesday June 06, 2023 - Tuesday June 06, 2023

The presentation will discuss the rapid growth of evidence on new circuit-based TMS targets. When is the evidence strong enough to use a target clinically? When there is no clinical trial, can we learn from cohort studies? How valuable are lesion… Learn More →

Deep TMS with the H7 Coil over the Dorsomedial PFC

Tuesday April 04, 2023 - Tuesday April 04, 2023

The presentation will explain the physical capabilities and limitations of the current commercially available coils and how they relate to areas of stimulation. This presentation will also explain the level of available evidence with the H7 for OCD… Learn More →

Emerging Transcranial Ultrasound Neuromodulation Technologies | Grand Rounds Webinar

Tuesday March 07, 2023 - Tuesday March 07, 2023

This presentation will look at Transcranial Ultrasound Neuromodulation, an emerging technology with increasing clinical investigations. Ultrasound can penetrate the skull without surgery and focus its energy with high spatial precision anywhere in… Learn More →

rTMS for Pain: From Clinical Guidelines to Practical Challenges | Grand Round Webinar

Tuesday February 07, 2023 - Tuesday February 07, 2023

This presentation will overview the current rTMS treatment guidelines for pain, review various challenges related to the treatment for pain and headache management, and discuss measures to overcome these highly relevant issues.

Interventional Psychiatry in Training and Clinical Practice | Grand Rounds Webinar

Tuesday January 03, 2023 - Tuesday January 03, 2023

This presentation will review current viewpoints on the definition and scope of practice of an interventional psychiatrist, as well as discuss training needs, dilemmas, and future directions of this new subspecialty.

"If it’s not a chemical imbalance, then what do I have?” An updated account of depression for both patients and practitioners

Tuesday December 06, 2022 - Tuesday December 06, 2022

This presentation will summarize recent findings on the neurobiology of depression, and distill these findings into a narrative form that is more clearly comprehensible to practitioners and patients alike. Updated explanatory models of depression… Learn More →

Getting to the Heart of Precision-TMS: Brainmarkers and Heart-Brain Coupling to optimize TMS clinical outcomes.

Tuesday November 01, 2022 - Tuesday November 01, 2022

Given relatively modest remission rates for all antidepressant treatments available, there is a need for approaches that help tailor existing treatments to the individual in order to improve remission rates. In addition, such techniques should be… Learn More →

SAINT: Past, Present, and Future - Grand Rounds Webinar

Tuesday October 04, 2022 - Tuesday October 04, 2022

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An Introduction to Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: Beyond Depression Part 2 - Grand Rounds Webinar

Tuesday September 06, 2022 - Tuesday September 06, 2022

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