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TMS for Multiple Sclerosis: Can It Help Treat Depressive Symptoms? - Neurology Advisor

Clinical TMS Society / 03 Jun 22
Among patients with multiple sclerosis, transcranial magnetic stimulation may be an effective treatment for depressive symptoms. Read More

CTMSS Clinical Standards Committee Statement regarding SNT - Press Release

Clinical TMS Society / 16 Feb 22
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Ashleigh Servadio, MSCExecutive DirectorClinical TMS Society(845) 392.3238 phone(559) 227.1463 Clinical Standards Committee Statement regarding SNT protocol: February 11, 2022 – Considerable interest has been generated both in the academic... Read More

An experimental depression treatment uses electric currents to bring relief - NPR / 06 Feb 22
The remedy is a new type of transcranial magnetic stimulation that's showing good results in just five days of treatment. Read More

TMS Therapy is ‘Promising’ for Alcohol Treatment / 06 Jan 22
A research team in Sweden found TMS could be an effective option for treatment of alcohol addiction. In the trial study, the researchers enrolled and randomly assigned “51 treatment-seeking adults with moderate to severe alcohol dependence” to receive an active or placebo treatment... Read More

SAINT: Hope for new treatment of depression - CBS News

CBS Sunday Morning / 07 Nov 21
SAINT builds on existing therapies for depression called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, or TMS, but it uses a targeted and fast-acting ... Read More

Revolutionary depression treatment nearly 80% effective in recent study - Body and Soul / 02 Nov 21
... the effectiveness of Stanford accelerated intelligent neuromodulation therapy (SAINT), a form of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). Read More